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Computer and Print Service


Computer Use Guidelines
Computer Use Guidelines
Technology Policy
Technology Policy
Types of Computers and Accessories

All 16 London Public Library locations have filtered and unfiltered computers for your free use. Signs on the computers designate the functions possible for that particular workstation.

You can choose a machine based on your needs.

Internet Station (120 minutes/day)
  • Each location has one machine which is bookable. Book a computer online.
  • Log on with your library card & PIN
  • Search the Internet, check e-mail
  • Office 2010 Suite (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, Media Player)
  • Adobe Reader 9
  • FireFox 3
  • Open Office 3
  • Print with coin (10 cents/copy)
  • Save documents to USB flash drive

    Accessibility Options include onscreen keyboard, Narrator (to use with headphones) and Magnifer.
Internet Express Station (20 minutes/day)
  • All the same services as an Internet Station
  • No library card required
    *Not available at Central Library or Glanworth Branch; visitors to London may request a Visitors' Pass with proof of address
CD-ROM Station
  • No library card required
  • Filled with literacy and numeracy building software for children to enjoy
Staff-Assisted Research Station
  • Ask a Staff Person to log on
  • Use for Information Databases & Internet Based Research
  • Microsoft Office
  • Save documents to USB flash drive
  • Print with coin (10 cents/copy)
Library Service Station
  • Use the LPL Catalogue and Information Databases
  • View your library account
  • Reserve a library Internet Station
  • Register for programs
  • Place holds
IBM Homework Station (available at select locations)
  • Especially for Students
  • Log on with your library card & PIN
  • All the same services as an Internet Station
  • Print with coin (10 cents/copy)
  • Save documents to USB flash drive
Reserving a Computer

You may reserve an Internet computer before your visit to the Library online, by telephone 519-661-4600, or in person. When you arrive to use the computer, look for the terminal with the reserved sign on it.

How to reserve a computer
  • To complete a booking, you must have a PIN number already added to your library account. PIN numbers must be assigned in person at any circulation desk.
  • You must also have logged into a library computer at least once before making a reservation.
  • You may make a reservation at any catalogue or public workstation, reserve online on our web site or ask staff for assistance.
  • You can reserve up to 4 reservations over a 14 day period. As one is used, the counter drops back to 3.
  • Reservations are made on the ¼ hour (:00, :15, :30, :45) only, depending on availability.
  • You should arrive before your scheduled reservation.
  • Use only the machine that is reserved for you.
  • If a reservation is cancelled, another may be made in its place until the maximum of 4 is reached.
  • If reservations are missed, 10 minutes is docked from your daily time limit of 90 minutes, but another reservation can be made.
  • Take note of your reservation computer name to ensure you log on to the correct machine. Use the reminder pads to record info.
The library sells:
  • USB Flash Drive $6
  • Head Phones $1
You can borrow these for in library use with a library card:
  • Head phones
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Portable CD-ROM drive
  • Portable Floppy Drive
Computer Classes
We have introductory courses for using a computer, the internet, setting up and email account and social media.
Printing Service
  • Coin-operated print release at $0.10 a copy
  • Coin, Debit/Credit Tap and Apple/Android pay authorizations for photocopier machines at $0.10 a copy
  • USB Printing and Scan to USB features are available on the new Photocopiers
  • Color Copying and Printing on the Photocopier are available for $0.25 a copy 
  • We are in the process of discontinuing copy cards - contact Circulation Desk to verify value on existing cards and a refund will be issued
Need help printing? Visit the Wireless Web Print Help Page for instructions.
Accessible Computers