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Health & Wellness

Stand Up for Your Life-Inspirational Films @ Central

Join us for another Inspirational film on Tuesday, Dec.8 at 7pm in the Wolf Performance Hall in Central Library.

"In Transition"-premiere London screening

Join us on Wednesday, December 2nd in the Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library at 7pm for documentary film titled "In Transition" .

Is your life affected by vision loss?

Hear from doctors, educators and individuals on topics including: Age Related Macular Degeneration, Treatment for Glaucoma, Gene Therapy, Access to Free Health Information, Rights for the Visually Impaired and Coping with Vision Loss. Along with the wonderful speaker series, there will also be exhibits of over 25 services, community groups, health professionals and more. 

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is the growing phenomena of combining your vacation with a wanted or needed medical procedure. Travelling overseas for dental, cosmetic and medical care can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Knowing where to go for which procedure, who to trust and what to watch out for can save you even more. Before travelling be sure to check out the new Medical Tourism Travel Guide available at London Public Library. 

From Eros to Agape: Love in Ancient and Medieval Times

Join us for the last philosophy lecture in this year series Philosophy and the Emotions. From Eros to Agape: Love in Ancient and Medieval Times will be on Wednesday, October 28th in the Stevenson & Hunt room A at 7pm, Central Library. Henrik Lagerlund will be talking about different views of love through the ages and the contrast between eros or sexual/passionate love and adape or unconditional /self-less love, long dominating Western society.

The program is free, no registration required



Energy Medicine with Donna Eden!

Come and meet Donna Eden, one of the world's most sought after, joyous and autoritative spokespersons for Energy Medicine on Tuesday, October 20th at 6pm in the Wolf Hall, Central Library.

Donna's best selling book , Energy Medicine, is the classic in its field. You will learn to

Men Get Depression - Windows into the Mind film series

"Men Get Depression", a third film in the  Windows into the Mind series will be presented on Thursday, October 15th at 7 pm, in the Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library.

The Medicated Child - Windows Into the Mind

The Medicated Child is a first presentation in 2009 Windows into the Mind film series on Thursday, October 1st at 7 pm in the Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library. Millions of U.S children are taking psychiatric drugs, most never tested on kids. Good medicine- or an uncontrolled experiment?

Top Health and Fitness Books

Here are some of the books featured on BookNet's Top 20 Health and Fitness Titles: