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Social Media Celebration & Other Ways to Connect

Share in the excitement as we set out on our strategic plan journey.  We invite you to change your profile picture or avatar to celebrate with your community.

Right click on the image below and save to your desktop or files. Then upload it as your new profile picture!

Profile picture or avatar

All 1

Your Voice

"The staff are always awesome!"

"I think the library is a great resource."

"Every thing is available at the Library it just keeps getting better."

"Love it and value it as a family."

Stewardship 1

Your Voice

"Future of the library is up to community members.  If we own the library we are responsible for its success or failure."

"You should do a better job of capitalizing on your position as a community leader."

Stewardship 3

Your Voice

"I had no idea that you did so much!"

"A city without a library doesn't sound like it has its priorities straight."

"Don't fix what isn't broken"

"I love my library!"

Stewardship 2

Your Voice

"Make sure our leaders know that we love you!"

"I think we need to realize that the library environment, as a community's place, is just as much the responsibility of the community as it is the library's."