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Who is sucking the life out of the students?

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Assignments, essays and exams on the horizon -- enough to make you wonder WHAT is sucking the life out of the students, is there some evil out there beyond the usual evils of school work? 

In Michelle Knudsen's new novel Evil Librarian, Mr. Gabriel the new librarian may not be all he seems (he IS gorgeous) but he may be the very incarnation of evil! 

Cynthia is trying to put on the musical Sweeney Todd while also saving her friend Annie from the clutches of the Evil Librarian

The tricky book cover pretends to be An Introduction to the Italian Language with a red devil painted on top - and includes a retro due date slip on the back! 

If you like paranormal books and books about librarians, this might be the right pick to get you through the holidays!  Plus it is available as an e-book!


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