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Masonville Branch Closed Dec 30 - Jan 29

We are replacing the carpet, some furniture and painting the busy Masonville Branch this winter.  Masonville closed on December 30 and will re-open on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 9am. The outdoor return chute at Masonville will remain open and items can also be returned to any other Library location. Remember that you can change your hold pick up location to another location in "My Account" while Masonville is closed. Please call us at 519-661-4600 if you have any questions.


returned library books

Hello Sir or Madam,

I just read on the library homepage that the Masonville branch is closed until Jan 29th.  What happens to the library books that my daugher returned yesterday in the book slot at the Masonville branch?

Will the they be marked as overdue for the next 19 days?

Library Book Borrower

Returned Books are Checked In

Items returned through Masonville's outdoor return chute are checked in and marked return as per usual.  If you would like further details about any returned items, please call our information line at 519-661-4000 during operating hours.

re: Holds

Just got an email about a hold for "pick-up"---what does this mean? Is it actually at Masonville or somewhere else? Please know, I forgot to re-route them to another location. I'd rather not have to start the queue for this DVD all over again. So, again, where is this hold? Will it stay at Masonville for the month or be "thrown back" after a week?

Please call 519-661-4600

Please call our information line at 519-661-4600 and they will be happy to look up the item for you and provide you with available options.  


Can I still return books there?

Outdoor book return chute open

Books can be returned using the outdoor return chute. The building is closed.  Books can also be returned to any other LPL location.  

what about services scheduled

what about services scheduled to be run in the library? are they cancelled/moved somewhere else? what about refunds?

Programs and services will not run during closure

All programs and services are cancelled during the Masonville Branch closure and no paid programs had been scheduled, so refunds would not apply. If you have a question about a specific program, service or refund, it would be best to speak directly to our staff by phone (519-661-4600) or in person at any library and they can find more detailed informatiion about your specific situation.

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