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2017 Holiday Hours

All locations close at 12:30pm on Saturday, December 23. Note: Westmount Pop Up opens at 9:30am and Glanworth is open from 10am to 12pm..

All locations are closed on Sunday, December 24, Monday, December 25, and Tuesday, December 26.

All locations are open regular hours from Wednesday, December 27 through Friday, December 29.

All locations close at 12:30pm on Saturday, December 30. Note: Westmount Pop Up opens at 9:30am and Glanworth is open from 10am to 12pm.

All locations are closed on Sunday, December 31 and Monday, January 1.

All locations are open regular hours on Tuesday, January 2. Note: Masonville is closed for a refresh from December 30 until January 29.

Central Library is closed on Sundays in December.  Sunday hours return on Sunday, January 6 (1-4pm).


Really disappointed that

Really disappointed that there will be no Noon Year celebration this year.

Noon Year Celebration

We are very sorry that you were not aware that this program was scheduled for and took place on December 30 from 10am until noon in the Children's Library.  We are closed on December 31 and all Sundays in December. We return to regular hours on January 2 with activities for children and families scheduled at all locations throughout this winter break week. 

Holiday Hours

Your holiday closure hours are reasonable. I would suggest patrons take advantage of the great services provided by the library and take out extra books etc to pass their time while you are closed. There is nothing better than getting cozy with a book. Happy Holidays to all staff and thank you for the great service you provide. It is very much appreciated. 

Merry Christmas to all the

Merry Christmas to all the hard-working library staff!  They deserve their holidays as much as the rest of us, half a day is not such a sacrifice.



Next year, take the in lieu day (in this case the 23rd/tomorrow),  and maybe take the day of,  a few weeks later in janary to make up for it instead, instead of shutting down that early at noon for 4 days. Would be nice to split that up and im sure one random saturday would be voted for instead of pretty much 4 days in a row before, i don't think tmrw counts really as open.... Im sure staff wouldn't mind a day off at the end of january too. :)

Even to at least have central branch open? it would be less expensive having central open than to have all the branches all over open for only three hours and close up before anyone can get there. weather and busing also play a factor with the community needing travel time put into consideration too, especially the elderly, small kids ect.

i guess i just dont understand all the branches open for three hrs  when you could of pooled the resources, and just open one library. and if al the different staff from the branches around the city came and worked at central for the 23rd and 30th. everyone  already  working would only have to still work 3 hours, and probably wouldn't have to HAVE so many staff working total too,  and would save money PLUS the library could stay open til 4pm for everyone to have a chance to sign out a last min book or movie to watch over the next few days.

I think it is smart, money saving and i think that if decisions like this are going to be made, then show that the library values the communitie's opinions and have online polls on the website where we can vote and see what works for EVERYONE.

And couldn't of atleast been 12-3 even?

Gives us time to  trudge through the snow and ride the LTC, we'll make it...and that way, the staff could of slept in too.    ;)


Holiday Hours feedback

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback about this year's holiday hours schedule.  We will share your suggestion with our administration. Please note that mornings are the busiest time of day at our locations. We understand how much our community values our neighbourhood library locations and staff and we balance that with our role as an employer. We return to regular hours on Wednesday at all locations.

Holiday Hours


I am glad that your workers will all be getting lengthy holidays due to how things fall on the calendar.

But I am really disheartened over the hours on Saturday, December 23rd, as well as on Saturday, December 30th.

Christmas is hard enough for a lot of solitary people as it is.  Just like the YMCA, the library is a community place.  What will some of us do if we cannot go to the library as usual on Saturday afternoon ?  

I think that on these two Saturdays, you could have remained open until at least 4 pm, if not until the usual 5 pm.

This is very disappointing to me.

So you are only going to be open for a few hours ???  Those are also big expectations on staff to come in for such a short shift. 

I am not impressed with this decision at all.  I think that it displays very poor judgment, as well as selfishness, thinking of staff having time off moreso than considering the needs of your patrons.




Your feedback about holiday hours

We will share your feedback about the holiday closure with our adminstration. We very much value our community and the important role the library plays in their lives.  Thank you for taking the time to share your comments.

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