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Open House: Southwest Community Centre, YMCA & Library Project

April 15 Southwest Open House poster image

Learn more about the Southwest Community Centre, YMCA and Library Construction Project at this Open House hosted by the City of London, YMCA and London Public Library.

Date: April  15

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Westmount Mall (Viscount Road entrance)

Learn more on the official project page.


Thanks for sharing your feedback and questions with us.

We will share your comments with our Senior Administration who very much want to hear from our community.  It is important to all the project partners (the City of London, the YMCA and London Public Library) that the Centre be accessible to all members of our community.  We will share developments on the progress of the building, including any news about bus service with you through the project website:  We believe that this project will maximize opportunities for all residents as it is designed to be a one-stop desitnation for individuals and families to enjoy community, recreation and library services.  There is also the potential for other City services to be provided at this location in the future.  At the open house on April 15 we heard from several hundred Londoners who were excited that their library would be part of this new facility.  Please do continue to share your feedback about the project and any other matter with us.  It is important to us. 

communit center

Is there going to be bus service for this center and why is the library moving

For alot of people love walking to it and they have a bus service too (ltc) i think its wrong they are thinking everyone drives not all of us do and they should think of those whom dont thanks for reading 

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