Photo of a woman and young child drawing at a table at the Library with a window in the background.

Resources For

Photo of a man and two young children reading a picture book. They are sitting on the floor in their bedroom beside the bed. Toys are on the floor.

Children & Families

We're here to support your family right from the start. Your Library offers free programs and playgroups, fun places to play in your neighbourhood and friendly staff to help you find good things to read at any age and reading level.

Photo of two young adults using a laptop on a table in the library. One person is using a wheelchair. Shelves of books are in the background.


Whether you're looking for books and movies, a space to study or meet friends, creative technology, or help with schoolwork, London Public Library has it all - for free!

Photo of an older woman looking up from a laptop and smiling. At her desk are a camera, markers and other creative tools.

Older Adults

Whether you're looking to learn something new, get creative or connect to your community, the Library offers free programs, services, great online resources and convenient neighbourhood locations.

Photo of Mother and father with child on bed reading picture book


The Library is a great place to start your new life in London. We offer Library Settlement Services and programs and resources to help you learn English. Our neighbourhood locations welcome you to spend time with your family and to meet others who are glad that you are here.

Photo of a teacher leaning over the shoulder of a student who is reading a book in a classroom.


We're your partner in the classroom, supporting your classroom with great books and educational programs in your class or at the Library.